Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Orczz" Available

Orcz, a game from Camel 101 and Legenda Studios is a tower-defense like game where we will have to defend the lands of Whiteleaf against the hordes of orcs from the country neighbour. In order to achieve that, we will have 40 kind of different units, that you will unlock along the game.

For centuries, the kingdom of Whiteleaf has been famous for its mead – the delicious honey wine. So delicious is the mead that wars have started because of it. Many times have neighbouring countries tried to invade Whiteleaf to steal the secrets of the mead, but its people always stood their ground. Protected by the knight order of the mug – powerful in ancient times when recruits eagerly joined the order searching for fame and glory, the Knights are nowadays a shadow of they once were. Generations of peace on the land have made kings see the knights as unnecessary, withdrawing the support they once had. But a new threat is coming to Whiteleaf, and only the crumbling castle of the knights and its small band of recruits can stand in its way.

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