Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kawagames is getting more and more social!

User's opinion is always very important, and with that in mind we have included a bunch of improvements to our store in order to allow you users to write opinions about our games.

From today on you will be able to rate all the games you own on Kawagames with a score between 1 and 5. The average of all the rating is shown at the top of the game page.

You can change your score at any time if you change your mind or you make a mistake choosing the score.

Score the game is very easy. Just go to the bottom of the page and press over the number of "stars" you want to give to the game as you can see on the image below.

Furthermore you will be able to write reviews about the games you own. In order to tell the people your opinion: the strengths and weakness of your games from your point of view. In order to do that, press the "write a review" link just by the rating selector.

After writing it, it will appear at the bottom of the page, and in your public profile. You will be able to see it, but you will have to wait a bit before it's show to everyone; we have to approve it before.

You will be able to change your opinion at any time. But we will have to approve it again.

News and offers

We have updated our home adding our latest blog posts, so you can be up to date to the changes and offers we make.

That way you won't miss any interesting information or bargain ;)

All those improvements as well as the twitter, +1 and facebook buttons, offers you more ways to interact with other users and our website.

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