Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer summary

Summer is over, and people around the world start to work again and to face the normal life. The videogame world have a summer stop too, or something similar, and come back to live after the season is over.

Here in Kawagames, despite being summer, we tried to not stop and do some interesting things.

¿What did Kawagames this summer?

  • Publish our Android application. Check our catalog from your Android device!

  • We did some important changes on our website.

  • We prepared our site to support commercial indie games and we signed collaboration contracts with  some indie developers.
  • We translated to Spanish another free indie game that will be available on our web coming soon ;)

That was some of the more important points we did on summer, but not the only ones... it's not bad to be a season of relax and beach, isn't?

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