Friday, September 23, 2011

Commercial indie games available

Since yesterday, September 22, Kawagames has support for commercial indie games. It's a big step for us because with it we create a channel for indie developers to reach the public in a easy mode.

And easy is the mode to buy the games; you only need to add it to your shopping cart and finish your order in an easy and secure mode using PayPal. All the games you bought will be attached to your user profile and you will be able to download any bought game at any time. All games available on Kawagames are DRM-Free, so all games can be used on any place without restrictions.

The first two commercial indie games available are:

Curse of Slate Rock Manor
Visual novel developed by indie studio Red Panda Games where we need to explore a haunted manor as you investigate a missing friend.

With more than 100 scenes to explore, dozens of endings to completehundreds of choices to make and a "Visual Novel mode" and "Puzzle Mode", the game become in a great choice for the adventure game and mystery lovers. Also, the game is full voiced for more realistic gameplay.

Springtail Studio proposes a classic point & click adventure but with a innovative visuals that merges real photos from nature with the classic drawing.

The game will challenge us with brilliant and imaginative puzzles that in some occasions will require lateral thinking and problem solving rather than just simply clicking in the right areas and in the correct sequence.

Enjoy the games!

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