Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sugar Cube - Spanish Version now available

One month ago we published the "Turtle Cream" creation "Sugar Cube". Now, we are happy to announce that we worked together with "Turtle Cream" to create the Spanish version of the game.
Here bellow you can see the english Press Release:
Barcelona, Spain, February 7, 2011 – “SUGAR CUBE”, a 2D platformer game created by the Korean indie studio “Turtle Cream” and  IGF China 2010 “best game” winner, has been released in Spanish thanks to the collaboration with the Spanish indie studio “Kawagames”. With this release the game is now available in English and Spanish
In “SUGAR CUBE” you must scape from a three factories; the cookie factory, the chocolate factory and the candy factory. To success in your scape, you must use the variable background system that uses the game that modify the environments.
Game Features:
  • Fifteen levels.
  • A level editor that permit to the users create new levels that can be saved and share.
  • Eleven achievements.
  • It's free!
Oficial Spanish Trailer:

Game Download: (English and Spanish version) (English)

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