Saturday, November 12, 2011

New game added: I Was a Vegas Showgirl!

A new game from Nelly Cootalot creator, Alasdair Beckett, is now added to the free games available on Kawagames: "I Was a Vegas Showgirl!". A 3D adventure game with a great old times look.

Sissy O'Leary was a Vegas Showgirl. Now she's dead. But her spirit guide Chief Sitting Duck is giving her another chance.
Sissy's beau Billy Lyons wants her to steal Stack-O-Lee's lucky Stetson hat. Stack-O-Lee is the toughest Casino owner in Vegas, but with his Stetson Billy can win the money they need to make it to California.
Can Sissy get the Stetson and keep breathing?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Special promotio, 50% OFF!

From today, October 21, until November 01 at 11:59 p.m the games "Climb to the Top of the Castle", "Orczz" and "Curse of the Slate Rock Manor" have a 50% discount to celebrate the inclusion of commercial indie games.   

And to celebrate Halloween day, among all users who have purchased one of the three games during the promotional period there will be a prize draw for every game. 

Enjoy those great indie works for less at same time you support to indie developers and Kawagames ;) 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

"Climb to the Top of the Castle" Available

A kidnapped princess, a brave knight and a tower... very, very, very high. Those are the main ingredients of this action/platform game, created by the indie group Two Bros Games, all that presented with a very remarkable graphic section.

  • Over 3 dozen enemy types, impossible leaps, diabolical obstacles.
  • 15 challenging levels impede your progress, so you just might have to grab a few 1-ups and pick up a shield or crossbow to survive.
  • Multiple difficulty levels, a bonus challenge mode, arena battles, lots of trinkets to collect and other goodies to complement the main story.

"Orczz" Available

Orcz, a game from Camel 101 and Legenda Studios is a tower-defense like game where we will have to defend the lands of Whiteleaf against the hordes of orcs from the country neighbour. In order to achieve that, we will have 40 kind of different units, that you will unlock along the game.

For centuries, the kingdom of Whiteleaf has been famous for its mead – the delicious honey wine. So delicious is the mead that wars have started because of it. Many times have neighbouring countries tried to invade Whiteleaf to steal the secrets of the mead, but its people always stood their ground. Protected by the knight order of the mug – powerful in ancient times when recruits eagerly joined the order searching for fame and glory, the Knights are nowadays a shadow of they once were. Generations of peace on the land have made kings see the knights as unnecessary, withdrawing the support they once had. But a new threat is coming to Whiteleaf, and only the crumbling castle of the knights and its small band of recruits can stand in its way.

Kawagames is getting more and more social!

User's opinion is always very important, and with that in mind we have included a bunch of improvements to our store in order to allow you users to write opinions about our games.

From today on you will be able to rate all the games you own on Kawagames with a score between 1 and 5. The average of all the rating is shown at the top of the game page.

You can change your score at any time if you change your mind or you make a mistake choosing the score.

Score the game is very easy. Just go to the bottom of the page and press over the number of "stars" you want to give to the game as you can see on the image below.

Furthermore you will be able to write reviews about the games you own. In order to tell the people your opinion: the strengths and weakness of your games from your point of view. In order to do that, press the "write a review" link just by the rating selector.

After writing it, it will appear at the bottom of the page, and in your public profile. You will be able to see it, but you will have to wait a bit before it's show to everyone; we have to approve it before.

You will be able to change your opinion at any time. But we will have to approve it again.

News and offers

We have updated our home adding our latest blog posts, so you can be up to date to the changes and offers we make.

That way you won't miss any interesting information or bargain ;)

All those improvements as well as the twitter, +1 and facebook buttons, offers you more ways to interact with other users and our website.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Commercial indie games available

Since yesterday, September 22, Kawagames has support for commercial indie games. It's a big step for us because with it we create a channel for indie developers to reach the public in a easy mode.

And easy is the mode to buy the games; you only need to add it to your shopping cart and finish your order in an easy and secure mode using PayPal. All the games you bought will be attached to your user profile and you will be able to download any bought game at any time. All games available on Kawagames are DRM-Free, so all games can be used on any place without restrictions.

The first two commercial indie games available are:

Curse of Slate Rock Manor
Visual novel developed by indie studio Red Panda Games where we need to explore a haunted manor as you investigate a missing friend.

With more than 100 scenes to explore, dozens of endings to completehundreds of choices to make and a "Visual Novel mode" and "Puzzle Mode", the game become in a great choice for the adventure game and mystery lovers. Also, the game is full voiced for more realistic gameplay.

Springtail Studio proposes a classic point & click adventure but with a innovative visuals that merges real photos from nature with the classic drawing.

The game will challenge us with brilliant and imaginative puzzles that in some occasions will require lateral thinking and problem solving rather than just simply clicking in the right areas and in the correct sequence.

Enjoy the games!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer summary

Summer is over, and people around the world start to work again and to face the normal life. The videogame world have a summer stop too, or something similar, and come back to live after the season is over.

Here in Kawagames, despite being summer, we tried to not stop and do some interesting things.

¿What did Kawagames this summer?

  • Publish our Android application. Check our catalog from your Android device!

  • We did some important changes on our website.

  • We prepared our site to support commercial indie games and we signed collaboration contracts with  some indie developers.
  • We translated to Spanish another free indie game that will be available on our web coming soon ;)

That was some of the more important points we did on summer, but not the only ones... it's not bad to be a season of relax and beach, isn't?